Dralon goes Fashion

In cooperation with Deutsches Modeinstitut Dralon presents innovations for the fashion market. On the occasion of DMI Fashion Day on 23 January 2014 in Düsseldorf Dralon GmbH in cooperation with Deutsches Modeinstitut presented its project “Dralon Active Lifestyle”. For the first time the results of their research on fashionable, sporty textile materials were presented to 500 visitors of the German fashion industry. The Deutsche Modeinstitut is recognized in the industry as the institution for the communication of fashion and colour trends for the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections of the years to come. Due to the longstanding cooperation with the institute Dralon has always been in a position to gain up-to-date knowledge of trends and special needs of end users. The increasingly strong interest of fashion brands to position themselves in the home textile sector is motivation enough for Dralon to familiarize the end users with the dralon® brand in this important market segment.


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