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Dralon GmbH is the largest producer of dry- and wet-spun acrylic fibers worldwide. Therefore, we are in a position to cover the whole range of different acrylic types including modern microfibers and no-pill types.

Dry-spun fibers

With its double-T form, the dralon® X specialty comes closest to natural fibers in handling and appearance. It is ideally suited for all blends with natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, mohair etc.

Wet-spun fibers

This type shows the known and certified dralon® quality and high reliability. With its kidney cross-section it is best suited for bright shades across the whole range of colours and applications.

All dralon® fibers show outstanding light and weather resistance and give garments easy wash and wear properties.

dralon® fiber animated film

Watch our animated ®-dralon® fiber film here:

Protecting the environment

Dralon GmbH has long attached great importance to protecting the environment.