The advantages of dralon® to sports fashion

Our acrylic fibres are not only quick-drying, they will also keep you really warm playing sport in winter

dralon® in sports fashion stands for functionality. It means perfect, sustainable fit, excellent wearing comfort due to good insolation ability and therefore greatest possible protection. Sports fashion with dralon® is warm and soft, offers brilliance and colourfastness. It is shrink-proof and tough. No skin irrititations or allergies have been reported. It is particularly easy to clean: washing at 40° Celsius is sufficient, no dry-cleaning is necessary. It dries very quickly – tumbler costs are minimized.

Winter sports fashion with dralon®

  • is very soft and warm
  • combines the natural dampness management capacity of cotton with the lightness of dralon®
  • keeps its original shape.

Hats, gloves, scarves and socks with dralon®

  • keep their brightness and are colourfast
  • dry quickly due to the quality of dralon® fibers.

Protecting the environment

Dralon GmbH has long attached great importance to protecting the environment.


MADE IN GERMANY. This is synonymous around the world with quality from Germany.