The advantges of dralon® in the outdoor area.

Our fabrics for outdoor use are especially durable and colour-fast

On the porch, on the balcony – is dralon® at its best: Bright colours, easy to clean, good UV resistance and soft to the touch. Additionally, dralon® makes textiles extremely tough, sustainable and free of rot and fungus.

Sunblinds and sunshades with dralon®

  • sunlight will not penetrate dralon®  due to its compactness
  • guarantee for a quick drain of rain water due to a closely woven surface.

Cover fabric and pillows with dralon®

  • keep their original shape
  • are resistant
  • are easy to clean.

Seat covers and sails with dralon®

  • are extremely tough
  • are light-resistant
  • are weather-proof

These manufacturers use dralon®

dralon® fibre is used by many reputable manufacturers due to its excellent properties and versatility etc.

Protecting the environment

Dralon GmbH has long attached great importance to protecting the environment.


MADE IN GERMANY. This is synonymous around the world with quality from Germany.