The advantages of dralon® at home.

Our acrylic fibers not only visually enhance your home, they are also soft to touch and very durable.

A distinctive feature of dralon® is its all-round application – particularly in the area of home textiles. Here, dralon®  not only provides softness and warmth but also guarantees durability, tear strength and sustainable, bright colours.

Due to its particular cross section the pole stability of dry spun dralon®  is significantly higher than that of other acrylic fibers. Because of its excellent UV resistance, long life and insolation do not result in decreasing fastness and other signs of aging.

Blankets with dralon®

  • are warm and soft and fleecy.
  • are easy to clean and keep their original shape.
  • are colourfast and dimensionally stable.
  • are crease-resistant and scratch-proof.
  • show no pilling and no interlock of fibers.

Upholstery fabric, deco fabric, curtains, Venetian blinds, pillows and carpets with dralon®

  • are soft to the touch.
  • are easy on the eye.
  • guarantee high lightfastness in any colour.
  • are easy to clean.
  • are quick to dry.
  • are extremely tough.
  • are dirt-proof.
  • are mite and moth-proof.

These manufacturers use dralon®

dralon® fiber is used by many reputable manufacturers due to its excellent properties and versatility etc.

Protecting the environment

Dralon GmbH has long attached great importance to protecting the environment.


MADE IN GERMANY. This is synonymous around the world with quality from Germany.