Our contribution to environmental protection

We strive for continuous improvements

Dralon GmbH has attached great importance to the environment for very many years. We continually strive to find ways of decoupling the use of resources, output of emissions and waste production from economic growth. We are committed to employing our expertise in the technological field, process optimisation and in our products to protect the environment, nature and the climate.

For us, sustainability also means consistently optimising risks that can occur in the production, use or disposal of our products. The safety and compatibility of our products therefore have top priority in all areas and countries in which we operate. We continuously monitor our products with regard to possible risks to health, safety, environment and quality across the entire value and supply chain.

Furthermore, Dralon GmbH works continuously on improvements in the areas of logistics and packaging, which will also benefit our environment. Read more

Water consumption for producing a ton of fibers

Compared to the ecologically questionable irrigation of cotton plantations the water demand for the production of dralon® is extremely low.

CO2-emission in kg CO2 per kg fiber

With the best CO2 balance worldwide in the production of acrylic fibers dralon® stands for a responsible treatment of the environment!

Öko Tex

A transparent test system recognised by the end user the world over

Fiber comparison

Compare the excellent properties of dralon ® with other fibers.