Sustainability for the future with dralon®

Responsible company management, social justice and a commitment to protecting the environment are what drive us

Through sustainable practices in corporate management, we aim to balance the competing objectives of economy, ecology and society and put them into context.

Economic sustainability postulates that the economic situation provides a permanent sound basis for earning and prosperity. In this context, the protection of economic resources from exploitation is of particular importance.

Ecological sustainability refers to the aim of preserving nature and the environment for future generations. This includes the preservation of biodiversity, climate protection, the maintenance of cultural and natural areas in their original form and, in general, treating the natural environment with care.

Social sustainability stands for the development of society as a way of enabling all members of a community to participate. This includes the balancing of social forces with the aim of achieving a society which is permanently sustainable and worth living.

This includes:

  • responsible corporate control
  • social justice
  • environmental protection

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