There’s only dralon® in it, if there’s dralon® on it!

dralon® stands for top quality

The traditional brand dralon® is the world's leading acrylic fiber manufacturer. Innovative strength, consistent product optimisation and reliability in service and delivery have made dralon® the favourite acrylic fiber of many large and well-known brands – whether in the field of home textiles, fashion, sports gear or garden furniture and designer furniture in the outdoor area. To protect the quality work and the premium status of the dralon® brand from being confused with other acrylic fibers, the dralon® Quality Management team has introduced a copy-protection for all dralon® products. 

The quality seal “dralon® inside” gives all dralon® customers/processors as well as the downstream textile stages such as material manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and brand manufacturers the security of dralon® brand quality.

The quality seal “dralon® inside” guarantees that dralon® really is to be found in the finished textile. To this end, the dralon® Quality Management team has defined security criteria to secure the dralon® brand quality.

The dralon® security criteria

These security criteria are intended to support our customers in their development and marketing work and to secure and increase the quality philosophy and the value for money of the products. They include the following points:

The fiber characteristics

One secret of dralon®’s success is the dry-spun manufacturing process, which is practically unique within the fiber industry.

The process generates unique fiber volume, more film strength, top tensile strength and light resistance. This typical dralon® technology guarantees our customers defined high fiber quality in the long term.

The dralon® licensing

dralon® is a globally protected brand – safeguarding this quality and brand protection is part and parcel of the awarding of licensing contracts. Only products that contain dralon® are entitled to bear the seal of approval “dralon® inside”. The dralon® Quality Management team carries out random sampling of the materials available on the market and reserves the right to take legal steps.

The fiber definition

The brand dralon® stands for a special class of fiber which is defined by the BISFA (the International Bureau for the Standardization of Man-Made-Fibers) and ISO 2076. The special and unique spinning method marks dralon® out from other acrylic fibers.

The fiber identification

Since there are products on the market which are labelled with dralon® although they don’t contain any dralon®, together with independent testing institutes, dralon® has developed a simple identification procedure to ensure the observation of the dralon® quality standards.

The dralon® guarantee

The dralon® Quality Management team guarantees that all dralon® fibers delivered to spinning customers comply with the dralon® fiber definition and that the end product can thus be labelled as dralon®. The fibers correspond to the standard ISO 2076. Materials which have been tested according to the dralon® certification process can also be labelled with the “dralon® inside” seal of quality.

6 Steps to licensing


Send us the completed application together with a swatch (50 x 50 cm) of your woven item/textile processed with dralon®.


We will have product testing carried out for you free of charge in the test laboratory.


If the swatch corresponds with the terms of the dralon® licence, we will send you the licence contract in duplicate plus licence sheets.


You sign the licence contract and send a copy back to us.


Now you may label your goods with the dralon® seal of approval!


If the swatch does not correspond with the terms of the dralon® licence, we’ll let you know what needs to be changed.

Licence application:

In just a few steps you will have a licence to use the dralon ® hallmark of excellence.

Fiber comparison

Compare the excellent properties of dralon ® with other fibers.