The history of a global success!

In 1954, Bayer AG launched a new fiber made of polyacrylic on the market and called it “dralon®”. This high-tech material was soon to become a bestseller and has now been holding its own on the world market for more than half a century.

On the animated time line, you can witness several highlights of the dralon® history - for example, a film about the fashion competition “The Golden Bayer Scissors”, which was awarded in the 50’s and made dralon® popular at home and abroad​​. Adverts from past to present further illustrate the career of the individual applications of dralon® fiber.

If our journey through time has sparked your interest, you’ll find further films on under "dralon". 

2010 - today


10 years of independence and 40 years of fiber production in Lingen

2000 - 2010




The 50th birthday of dralon®


Foundation of the Dralon GmbH with its production locations Dormagen and Lingen

1980 - 2000


Production of dralon® in Lingen with Bayer AG

1950 - 1980


Birth year of the brand dralon®, establishment of the production in Dormagen



Production processes

Here you can download the production process as a PDF

Fiber comparison

Compare the excellent properties of dralon ® with other fibers.