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The optimum form of acrylic fiber

Dralon GmbH with its German locations Dormagen and Lingen is renowned worldwide as a recognized manufacturer of acrylic fibers.

Innovation, consistent product optimization and reliability in service and supply have made dralon® the market leader in acrylic fibers despite the increasing competition.

With a total capacity of 188,000 tons p.a. in our German plants we cover the whole product range in the area of dry-spun and wet-spun fibers. 


Dormagen: Set within the infrastructure of the Chempark complex a total of 120,000 tons dry-spun acrylic fibers are produced here per year.

Lingen: Since 1972 Lingen has hosted the production of Dralon®´s wet-spun fibers with a current capacity of 68,000 tons p.a. 

Öko Tex

A transparent test system recognised by the end user the world over

Protecting the environment

Dralon GmbH has long attached great importance to protecting the environment.